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Shake it slim

Meal replacement shakes are an easy and convenient way to kick start your weight loss. Here I review the shakes available on the market.

Bodylab Jumpstart Body Kit and Shakes

You may have heard of Bodylab before. They are a USA brand endorsed by Jennifer Lopez (read more here).

The fact that the stunning Jenny swears by the brand swung it for me. Who wouldn’t want to look like here?

The system is not just shakes or a restrictive diet it’s a mix of cleansing and replenishing tablets, protein shakes and healthy food.

It’s been my first week on the program. This is the cleanse and metabolise phase where I have two shakes a day and healthy meal and take regular capsules that help cleanse my body, assist liver function and support my metabolism.

Next week I will swap the cleanse tablets for the replenish tablets which is full of natural products like vitamin C and peppermint which help refuel the body. I will continue with the shakes twice a day as well.

The shake is raspberry yoghurt flavour and nice enough to have for breakfast and lunch. I find it rather filling and tasted delicious. I like to add ice cubes especially with this beautiful sunny spell it feels like a milkshake.

Protein shake sounds scary. The last thing I want to do is bulk up! I want to slim down. The plus side is that this shake is made by women for women so no bulking ingredients that mess with your hormones. The shakes contain a blend of plant based compounds to burn excess fats, and get lean!

You get a lot for your money as well. One 420g tub makes 21 shakes and at only 80 calories a shake that’s pretty awesome! You also mix with water so it makes it easy for a drink on the go.

While drinking the shakes I ate lots of fruit and veg and eat nuts every day. My first week I lost 4 pounds which I was chuffed to bits with as I generally eat well and didn’t expect a great loss so I was surprised.

You can find out more about Bodylab here: I also found it available in the UK online at at a great price.

Yokebe Natural Shakes

It is well known amongst my friends and family that I am ALWAYS on a diet and I never cook!

Before you roll your eyes and tut, I just cannot stand cooking. The thought of spending time in front of a stove and then having to wash up depresses me. Do not get me wrong, I like food, but prefer when someone else cooks it.

Because I do not cook I always looks for the easy option like ready meals, shakes, etc. When it comes to dieting the easier it is the more likely I am to stick to it. So if the diet is all raw food and needs cooking and preparing I will more than likely fall of the diet wagon in the first hour.

When Yokebe got in touch I was over the moon. They make natural meal replacement shakes which involve minimal effort but max results! My dream come true!

I know what you’re thinking, is that just Slim fast? Well, it’s not. It is more advanced. It contains natural honey which is far better than the artificial sweeteners in other products. It also has twice the amount of protein then competitor products meaning you keep fuller longer.

You make the shake up in the Yokebe shaker, which is a rather handy size for my handbag. You mix with skimmed milk and if you are like me, add some ice cubes.

I followed a plan to use a shake in replacement of my usual meal three times a day for three days, then I would introduce a healthy dinner and reduce to two shakes for the following four days.

Knowing I only had three days for the full on, liquid diet, helped me a lot. Whenever I start a diet I always dread to think how long I will need to suffer it! But I was really pleased with myself. I managed the first three days easily, probably because the shakes were so filling.

I then cut down to two shakes and a meal in the evening. Mainly salad and Quorn fillets. It helped the weather has been glorious so no comfort eating and my summer clothes are a constant reminder I need to trim down.

Weigh in a week later and I managed to shift 5 pounds! I resisted the temptation to weight myself throughout and waited until the full 7 days was up.

I will continue to use Yokebe, I like the taste, the ease of use and most of all the results!

Yokebe is available in Boots and Superdrug. You can see more about it here and buy online or on their Twitter account here @YokebeShakes

Forza Shake it Slim

have tried a lot of quick fix diets in my time from slim-fast and cabbage soup to ridiculous and disgusting Maple Syrup Diet.

I have learnt that although the quick fixes work, you lose more water than fat meaning the results do not last. Plus I turn into the incredible hulk when I am hungry.

One thing I do like is milkshakes, usually the full fat vanilla shake in MacDonald’s but anyone will do. For this reason I jumped at the chance to try Forza Shake it slim meal replacement shakes.

The shakes come in three flavours – chocolate, strawberry and my favourite vanilla. I had a 7 day trail pack allowing me to have two shakes a day in place of my usual breakfast and lunch. At just 204 calories a shake I allowed myself some healthy snacks in between (an apple and some vegetable batons most days).

The best part for me what the ease of the shakes. I have used other diet shakes before like Cambridge diet and the powders always end up lumpy regardless of the shaker. Shake it Slim isn’t like that, the shake was smoother with no lumps and didn’t settle at the bottom of the shaker. Nor was it like tar when I tried to wash the container.

The shakes are made with water so you are not restricted with your size- you can have a large or small shake, thicker or thinner plus it makes it easy when you are on the go. With milk based shakes you need to measure your amount etc etc.

The whole week I felt great, I didn’t feel dizzy or hungry like I usually do and the shakes helped me consume more water which I struggle to do in a day. The best part I managed to lose 4 pounds in my first week. You may not think it’s that much but I generally eat healthily and well. I do not keep sweets or crisps in the house to avoid temptation and rarely eat out or have takeaways. I expect in week two I will not lose as many pounds but this steady decrease suits me as it means the fat stays off longer.

A week supply is less then £25.99 making it less than £2 a meal! Also keep a look out online for special offers and get it even cheaper!


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