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Skin Doctors;Vein Away Plus

After many years on the contraceptive pill coupled with a job where I sit down for a majority of the time I have been left with lots of tiny spider veins on my legs.

The main area effected is the thighs and buttocks. Most of the veins are small and can be covered with leg make up, tights or fake tan is applied well.

Spider vein, or telangiectasia, as it is known in medicine, take two forms: either a group of tiny veins that branch out from the centre like a tree or a thin wobbly line on it own. Mine are more like the later. I noticed them most recently in the last 2-3 years and I think they are linked to my use of the contraceptive pill. Studies have also shown that oestrogen weakens capillary walls, thus the chances of developing spider veins is increased with the use of birth control pills and oestrogen replacement therapy as well as during pregnancy. General ageing is also associated with the dilation and weakening of capillary walls. For this and other reasons I no longer take the pill.

Spider veins, unlike various veins, are usually painless and harmless but ugly! Vein Away Plus from Skin Doctors offer a new cream that helps to repair the skin. It does this by doing three core things:

Improves blood circulation to the legs

Enhances collagen production

Plumps skin

The cream is designed to be used after a shower or bath when the skin is warm. Apply for 6-8 weeks dependant on the scale of your veins and your bodies reaction to the cream. pH balance and skin type can also have an effect on how quickly this product will work.

Generally, people who apply Vein Away Plus twice daily see results within six to eight weeks.

The cream contains Phytotonine™-, a concentrated extract of Arnica, Cypress and Solomon’s Seal. It is said to be used to strength the vein walls and improve circulation. Vitamin A is added to plump the skin and make it firmer.

Allantoin uis used to heal wounds and stimulates the growth of healthy tissue, mixed with Bioflavnoids which are used to keep capillary walls strong and healthy. All these key ingredients along with Aloe Vera and Lavender make the cream smell divine! The mix of vital ingredients assist in microcirculation and repairs the damaged skin. The cream is also good of sun damaged skin repair.

At just £21.40 for 100ml I think the cream is brilliant value for money. I am on week 4 and my veins are fading. Results are not instant and you need to preserve, but to be honest it wasn’t hard. I love the smell and the product is non-greasy and easy to apply. It moisturised my skin and I liked the feel of it. So, applying it twice daily really has not been an issue.

You can buy it here


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