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TOTM Sanitary Wear

Time of the Month, the bane of a women’s life. We have to pre-plan holidays, what to wear, the activities we do and events we attend all because of our hormones.

If like me you get emotional, upset, angry and tired all in one go around your time of the month then you will be open to trying new products to help along the way.

I have been on the contraceptive pill for over 10 years but recently I have decided to stop, not because I want a baby, nor am I in the position for one, but because I need to give my body a break. Coming up to mid-30’s the long term effects of the pill can be harmful so I have ditched it for a while at least.

The one thing I love about the pill is it made my periods light and only last two days. Not to mention my skin looks great, very rarely did I get spots.

I was concerned that my period might be erratic and come in floods! Well I am still waiting but in the meantime I had my last period on the pill and for the occasion I tried TOTM sanitary wear.

The new subscription mail order pads and tampons are available online. They are made of organic cotton, totally unbleached but totally hygienic and safe to use.

Not only are they cotton and organic but you an order the items online to suit your cycle! No more running out of pads or searching in bags for tampons. They are pretty cost effective as well at prices from £2.70 and free postage.

If you don’t fancy your monthly tampons being posted through your letterbox for fear the dog might want to eat them or not sure about your cycle dates then you can buy via Ocado, Amazon or direct on the website.

I tried the medium flow pads with wings and the super tampons. First impressions are that they come in a nice box, few sanitary towels come in boxes. The packaging does not look like sanitary wear either, this no big images of towels or tampon strings.

As the cotton used is unbleached I expected them not to be white but was pleasantly surprised, I could not tell the difference between my usual Tampax and the TOTM tampon.

The pads are light, easy to stick and nice and soft. Not bulky or uncomfortable. They stayed in place as well.

Over all I love these products and the price tag. #PeriodPioneers


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