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Urtekram Hand Creams

It is that time of year when my hands are dry and cold and as much as I try and protect them with gloves the day to day weather and cleaning means they suffer.

I do love a good hand cream not just because it keeps my hands soft but also because I usually choose a cream with a divine smell, so I can enjoy applying it any time of the year.

Some of the heavy-duty creams meant for extreme conditions can have a very bland smell, or no scent at all. Although they do the job you cannot really say you like the smell.

Urtekram make a range of body products. Coming from Scandinavia means they are professionals in skin care for cold climates. They are the largest wholesaler of organic foods and products and these include hand creams.

The rose hand cream caught my eye immediately. Rose is my favourite smell and usually my number one choice for anybody product. As well as the scent the cream is advertised as a super moisturiser with almond, jojoba oil and shea butter.

Along with the rose scent I also tried the Nordic Birch hand cream. This is a Super Moisturiser. I was most intrigued by what ‘Nordic Birch’ smelt like! It is in fact the smell of birch forests and cornflowers. This cream contains herbs along with shea butter, evening primrose and almond oil like the Rose scented cream. It has the added ingredients of glycerine and jojoba oil to give silky smooth and nourished hands.

All Urtekram’s care products are COSMOS ORGANIC and certified by Ecocert Greenlife. What does this mean? It basically means they are free of petrochemicals, parabens and synthetic preservatives, made with vegetable ingredients, and not tested on animals. Ecocert Greenlife is the regulatory body and checks brands meet the strict requirements. Some of these requirements are that 95% of ingredients must be of natural origin and manufactured through a simple process. For the hand creams it means the product does not have a synthetic perfume.

To top it all you can even recycle the packaging! Talking of the packaging the hand creams come in a really nice size. I have one in the car and one in my bag. The cream is easy to dispense and not the thick. It glides on the skin and does not leave a greasy or watery residue.

The creams are a great nourishment to my chapped hands and do not make them sore or irritated. The big bonus us the amazing smell others have asked to use the hand cream when I whip it out as it smells so nice.

Urtekram do a whole range of products see more here


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